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Andy Yinan Hu,

Zhao Yuezhi,

April 11, 2011

inmuscatofomanrelayday200804Andy Yinan Hu, who is currently the Deputy Editor and Staff Writer of China Daily’s News Cover Story Team, has developed an extensive list of outstanding accomplishments since he graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts (2004) and a Master of Arts (2006) in Communication. His noteworthy work has highlighted diverse perspectives on world issues and brought to light many of the challenges faced by people around the globe. In 2008, Hu was featured in the Globe and Mail and 24Hours newspapers when he faced off against then-B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell regarding concerns over the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The Globe and Mail article stated that, “The reporter from the state-owned China Daily who made headlines in Canada by grilling B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell on local 2010 controversies turns out to be a smart, 25-year old with a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University.”

Not only is Hu concerned with local news such as the 2010 Games, but he has ventured to many risky areas around the world to seek out the truth. After being selected as one of five Chinese reporters to participate in the first China-Africa journalist exchange program, he was the first reporter to independently investigate and carry out field research in Mandera, Kenya, without armed escort. He also undertook an undercover mission in Shenzhen, Guangdong, as a manufacturing worker at Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker and maker of iPhones and iPads. Thirteen employees at Foxconn had committed suicide within five months, causing speculation about the company’s working conditions. Most recently, Hu investigated a pioneer public housing project and some controversial cultural campaigns in Chongqing, China’s largest and most populous municipality, in February 2011. Andy Yinan Hu strives to present a global perspective throughout all of his stories by investigating and understanding issues first hand.

List of his recent stories:


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Series from undercover mission at Foxconn, maker of iPhone 4s and iPads (May-June 2010):
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How-to guide:

Investigation on immigrants of China’s epic water diversion project (May 2010):

Fatal mine disaster in Wangjialing, Shanxi (Feb 2010):

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